Thursday, October 15, 2009

Caesarion's Crown

It was time to start painting Caesarion. He is wearing the crown of Egypt - or two crowns really; the crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt. Together they symbolized that the pharaoh ruled the two lands - Egypt. Or Kemet (black land) as the ancient Egyptians themselves called their country.

The crown of Upper Egypt is the one that looks like a bowling pin. If it was colored here, it would be white.

The crown of Lower Egypt (the Delta) is the one surrounding the white crown. And it would be red.

In the famous Narmer palette you see the pharaoh wearing the crown of Upper Egypt on one side and the crown of Lower Egypt on the other side.

Caesarion has the ram's horns attached to the crown


  1. I'm really enjoying following your progress on this painting. I hope that photo helped.

  2. Hi, Vicent!

    Yes, thank you :) I was able to check some details from the photo. Just took me a short while to realize I could look at it in bigger size by clicking that magnifying glass... LOL.

    Leena :)

  3. Oh, yes I should have pointed that out. The super huge version shows a lot of the detail.

    The painting is developing quickly.

  4. Well I try not to listen to the seiren song of the couch in the evenings... (We have a very very comfortable couch...) Have to grab all the free moments I can to paint. With my studies I need to spend a lot of time with my nose in Egyptology books too. So I try to juggle my free time between painting and studies. Thank goodness I like both so much I do manage to find the energy somewhere. And it sure helps in getting paintings done that I now have my work room (or "atelier") at home!