Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tut's underpainting - all fields blocked

I just blocked the last fields of underpainting today and that sash sure took some work! Had to count each little speck of light that represented a jewl or golden bead. I still think I may have a few beads too many or too few - the reference photo didn't quite release its secrets...
But here is the painting now: background "wrinkles" (wrinkled gold foil) still not done, and the balancing of dark colors need to be done (Ankhesenamun, the table, the pectoral above the table, the details under the chair) once this is dry enough to touch.

About 100 hours into this so far.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Then underpainting stage nearing its end

I have been horrified with the news of how people out of sheer ignorance have been destroying the cultural heritage of Egypt. Archaeological sites robbed, destroyed artifacts and tombs... Horrible...

Still, I felt the need to paint Tutankhamon's throne some more - as a friend said: painting this was alsos preserving our cultural heritage.

The underpainting stage nears its end, soon it is turn for color.