Friday, August 27, 2010

Where's Menkaure?

If you have been wondering about Menkaure, I have not forgotten him. I am simply so busy finishing horse paintings for a coming horse art show I haven't had time to continue with him for a while. Soon the horse paintings will be done and I can continue with Menkaure together with Tut's Throne.
If you wish to check on my horse paintings, go to


  1. Thanks for the update Leena. I was wondering about Menkaure. I'd love to continue sharing your progress on the Menkaure Trio with readers at Talking Pyramids and will contact you via email to follow up on our conversation soon.

  2. Hi, Vincent! I'll go work on my big horse scratchboard now - hope to get it finished quickly. Menkaure's been knocking on my mind, so to speak, would love to continue with him already...

  3. Ahh thank you for this update, was waiting for this!