Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tutankhamon's throne - beginning the underdrawing

I have made the drawing of Tut's throne and now I have begun to transfer it to my painting board, using ink and a small brush. I was kindly given a reference photo of it by Bob Partridge from the Ancient Egyptian Magazine.

So far the painting has taken me four hours. This will be taking its sweet time...


  1. Looking forward to the progress of this art work. I have a detailed model of a throne with Tut and Anki under the Aten on the front of the back panel. Is this the same throne as the one you are working on? Tony Holmes

  2. Hi! Yes, I think it is the same throne :) They are standing under a canopy and the Aten (sun) is touching them with those rays with little hands. I have one good ref photo for this and many books with a tiny pic of the throne... Magnifying glass is much used to check the details.