Sunday, January 31, 2010

Almost there...

Finishing this painting will probably take 6-8 hours of work after today's painting session.

Studying Egyptology is so much fun - but also time consuming. I was preparing my essay on the burial architecture of the early Dynasties and only after submitting it I had time to paint again. I am in a bit of a hurry to finish Cleopatra and Caesarion because we'll have to move away for two months when our home will be renovated. I can't paint with oils during that time, but I ordered something else.

This painting is not done on ordinary canvas but Ampersand board. It has a silky smooth surface which makes it possible to paint the tiniest details. And you may have noticed I like to paint details LOL :D

For the time I cannot paint with oils I ordered material for a different kind of work. Tut's throne will have to wait a bit as it will be an oil painting, but in the meanwhile I am thinking of doing a work on the pharaoh Menkaure and two goddesses, a beautiful black statue. So I thought why not try scraper board. No, not the children's kind but museum quality artists' board (yes, yet again Ampersand). If you think this painting is full of detail, just you wait when you see what is possible with a scalpel and good quality board...

But that will come only after this one is finished in February.

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