Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cartouches of Caesarion

Here I have added some stars and hieroglyphs, but most importantly the cartouches of Caesarion.

His cartouche on the left reads:
Caesar living forever, beloved of Ptah and Isis.

And the name tells all there is needed to know of his father.. He was threat enough to Octavian, the heir of Caesar, to have Caesarion killed after Cleopatra's death (I just saw an interesting program about how it was not possible for her to have died of a snake bite as quickly as the story says... And that in all probability Octavian killed her too. The whole snake story would have been a fabrication - but ironically enough it was the very thing that has kept her memory alive.)

Octavian conquered Alexandria on the 1st of August. Octavian named the eight month (Sextilis) after himself, because it was both the month when he received the title "Augustus" and the month in which "Imperato Caesar [Octavian] freed the commonwealth from a most grievous danger". (source: Joyce Tyldesley: Cleopatra, Last Queen of Egypt)

This most grievous danger was Cleopatra, of course.

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