Sunday, November 15, 2009

Caesarion's Kilt

Ok, now I moved on to Caesarion's kilt. An egyptology-student-friend, Barry Burnett, visited Denderah last month and I finally got detailed enough photos to see what was depicted on the kilt.

And this brought a bit of a dilemma - putting in all those details might make the overall "painting" look suffer a bit. Still - considering who might be interested in this kind of a painting, I'd say people who already knew something about Egypt. And those people would love to see details. Also I have been striving for details all through this painting.

So I kept the outlines visible and made the kilt a bit darker than it is in real life, so that the details showed.

And I really wonder why did they not settle with the good old pharaoh-smiting-AN-enemy...

Caesarion had a handful of them - 30 to be exact. Just imagine doing 30 captives in quite a small area of a painting! Sheesh, I repeat I must be nuts to do this...

Here is the kilt in detail:


  1. Leena this close up showing the detail is fantastic! You are right, us Egyptology enthusiasts would love to see the details.

    I really appreciate the trouble you must have keeping the same angle of lighting especially as your source of photos is growing.

    I hope you'll be selling prints of this peice once you've completed it.

  2. Hi, Vincent :)

    Well I think I'll be selling prints - I heard they do good quality prints at Zazzle, so probably there... You can also choose the size, the paper etc yourself.

    But I have to get this scanned by a professional to make good prints, a photo probably isn't good enough.

    But before that - a lot of work ahead still!

    Leena :)