Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Detail of the Upper Hieroglyphs

Here is a detail of the upper hieroglyphs.

The hawk had quite a few details - it has all of its feathers so beautifully carved you wouldn't believe. I used a magnifying glass to count them, but in the end I may have missed a feather or two. I mean I just didn´t have a paint brush small enough - try to see those tiny little feathers on the upper side of the right wing. And all that squinting might have caused me the headache in the end.

You see when I really forget myself into a painting, I don´t notice how time passes. I may start in daylight and then suddenly realize there isn´t enough light anymore. I do have a very bright work lamp - a good thing when I remember to use it...

What never ceases to amaze me is the level of detail these ancient artist could produce! Just imagine carving all this into stone - taking into consideration so many things. Straight lines, the depth of the carving, all those tiny little details... I really am in awe with their skills.

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